The standard reply: "There is no larger conspiracy, although there may be some confluence of interests." The global meetings attended by those travelling with private jets. The burner phones used by Fauci, et alia. This demarcation between "conspiracy" and "confluence of interests" becomes less comforting as the evidence -- the recent history -- is revealed.

The Unacceptable Jessica, in post you likely already know, shares the essay "There Was No Pandemic." https://jessicar.substack.com/cp/131710953 By this, she means by a strict public health or epidemiological perspective. We had the equivalent of a bad -- but not horrific -- flu season due to the lab-enhanced virus. But from the WHO to the WEF and more, the geo-political machinery was already in place, waiting for a crisis, to implement bio-security authoritarianism in the name of public safety.

Rightfully or wrongly, and I should hope dead wrong, the perception exists that the US Military is being purged of members who would honor their oaths and defend the nation and the Constitution. Instead, it is being turned into federalized quasi-policing force -- and likely for future use against dissenting American citizens and communities and not just international disturbances. (Since we no longer fight "wars," at least as declared by Congress). I do not say this is true. But the Covax loyalty test -- which had no basis in public health -- remains deeply disturbing.

Thank you for footnote 2. An overdue post of mine -- how the US government in the past has too freely experimented with (primarily) the enlisted personnel. Once well-documented, but now also forgotten history. Sadly, there *might be a longer history or a precedence to the Covax nonsense.

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I know Solzhenitsyn said that the line between good and evil runs through the middle of every human heart; so I take that to mean that these folks who pushed the vaxx mandates are not human, because there is no dividing line between good and evil in their hearts; they are 100% evil psychopathic demons who deserve Nuremberg hearings followed by public execution. Keep getting the word out and fighting the good fight, Grant.

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I greatly appreciate those of you in the military who cared about the DMED story being told correctly. I'm glad Macie has taken the torch, but isn't it interesting how The Epoch Times seems completely disinterested in bridging the gap in their reporting between the "Battle of the DMED Psyops" and final adjustments to reality?

The good guys are out there. But the two or three media hydra heads won't let any one of them get too accomplished.

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The kind of analysis the mainstream media is utterly incapable of. Thank you. Oh, and "establishment-fellating goons" made my day.

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Beautifully written, Grant, thank you. You added some much needed light - with a very logically laid out narrative - as to why the DeathVaxx could never be, by design limitations, "safe and effective."

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On thread; you’ll know the vaccine maneuver and medical warfare is finished when DC has trials and convictions, they always betray their instruments, in the modern age by Law and Trials. Then the Media shall interview the bereaved asking if they feel vindicated and that justice was done... “The System Worked” ... hence the labors of Grant here...


>Every Trial is a Show Trial<

That’s something most people and sadly our host never get, never understand no matter how many times it happens.

Every Trial is a Show Trial, a ritual to uphold the system that failed to begin with IF it wasn’t in on the Crime. The only honest trial is trial by arms, the only honest politics drives out by force the entire government and perhaps ruling class.

That is why soldiers exist GS



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The Ukraine war is ending, you know because military tribunals only happens when the deployments or wars over … 🤣 the Article 15s happen at the end when the cowards have no need of you and wish to assert power. Every time.

Zelensky replacing heads of military recruitment centers over corruption allegations | The Hill


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As long as the government, media, higher ed. the medical industry, the military, intelligence, Phizer et al exist, I presume they will continue to act like they saved the world from Covid. Most regular folk don't want to talk about it, wishing to pretend it is all behind us. I imagine our betters are now emboldened such that they will put the covid-like breaks on whenever they feel threatened - such as the next election.

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Oh sorry I’m late cough ouch

I’m taking Dr Jon Stewart’s advice and filed for the PACT ACT

And in all honesty and fairness

I’m not hooked up to a respirator but whatever was there I damn sure was breathing it lol

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