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A good read. NAP, how to obtain it to achieve positive liberty and keep negative liberty is the goal, I think you are saying.

This is easy for us. If we follow the Perfect Pattern as it was given to us to live in this world, then we would not come as a force, and all life would flow positively. JeSus gave us that Perfect Pattern by showing us how to live. He lived by the Laws of God which He reduced to two, Loving God and our Brethren; He sought understanding and taught understanding, sharing His "talents" as He went; He cast out the Seven deadly sins of fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice and polished His soul; and He always followed the Will of His Father in Heaven. God sees Time as all one, sees into the hearts of men, and has the Reason of Things to know what we are to do. Evil is just good done at the wrong time, at the wrong place and by the wrong person. We don't have that vantage point. To do otherwise is to partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I am not a religionist, don't read the Bible much, but I do know that God is real and He is here to help us if we turn to Him before all else.

Osayo Kitamura was a Japanese woman who had God in her body, as she liked to say, and "they" helped the demoralized Japanese people after WWII. My mentor walked with God all of His days and warned of the coming Oligarchy, which is here now taking away our negative liberties and confiscating all the positive liberties for only themselves. It is possible to change this, but there is Only Way we will get into the future God wants for us, and it with God showing us the way.

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The fourth, but unstated, aspect of this interesting theory is Availability of Resources. 1. Positive Freedom to do what you want given the resources available to you. 2. Negative Freedom from interference in doing what you want with the resources available to you. 3. Non-aggression principle implicit in agreements to not steal other’s resources, or allow your use of resources to interfere or impair other’s use of their resources.

Early American freedom took availability of many unlimited resources for granted. Increasingly scarce resources leads to cognitive dissonance about encroaching limitations of both positive and negative freedoms, resulting in increasing willingness to abrogate the non-aggression principle in favor of increased positive freedom such as resource acquisition, and increases in negative freedom for some select group.

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