Have you ever read Twilight's Last Gleaming, by John Michael Greer? It is a fictional account of what a colossal military defeat might look like. Sobering. Like everything else in this society, there seems an obsession with technology for the sake of technology, in the military case most exemplified by the F35 and our carrier fleet, as if having the biggest most expensive thing is some measure of quality or usefulness. Greer defines hubris as the over-weaning confidence of the doomed. Our military feels like it is "resting on it's laurels" insofar as we spend so much more money on military must mean we are necessarily superior.

And what with the DOD connection to the covid jabs, and their jab mandates, one wonders if the leadership of the American military is actually invested in knee-capping America.

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1. America is and has been the land of technology and machines, inventions for 2 centuries.

2. Hubris- We’re not resting on our laurels below General/Admiral Cashing In, and we’re very candid about problems. DOD aka the Pentagon building itself you know is many civilians.

Aka GS-x^

We understand technology.

Our senior leadership understands stock options.

We’re not complacent. We also despite what people may think have no power, indeed legally we are semi-slaves.

3. I have heard these disturbing reports of DOD regulations and laws meant for National Security and war being abused to shelter COVID misdeeds. I don’t know, I see nothing solid but internet chatter. If true its not the military, or even DOD civilians, its DC’s permanent government abusing National Security laws yet again. Not even our sellout Flag Officers would be in on this, but understand these are compromised and very low status members of the elites.

No real power. That’s held by IC and Finance, State Department.

There was never really a MIC and it vanished in Vietnam TBH, the industrial part in the 90s. For all the hype the 5 big Defense firms in 2020 made $286B, Walmart made $523B.

We aren’t all that, haven’t been for decades. MIC - which was a warning of possibility, not present danger- MIC never really existed. Sorry.

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