I helped a guy remodel his entire house in the city for 2 years. I did a few side jobs during that time. I had been working in remodeling for many years, but I did not have a license. Then I got a call from an investigator with the MN dept of labor. They fined me $4000, reduced to $1000, but I had to get a license and if I didn't and continued to remodel, I would have to pay the whole fine, and then be exiled from the licensing regime for 5 years. Even with the license I am not legally allowed to do elec, plumbing or HVAC, much of which I am perfectly, professionally capable of.

So the Dept of Labor won't let me use my full expertise to make a living, and extorted $1000 from me - for not following their rules. No one complained, no client had reason to complain. All my work came on referral because I did such good work and my clients very much appreciated me. I offended the managerial state. The managerial state is a parasite on the body economic.

Now I no longer do remodeling, in large part because the new inspection regime is run by people who have never worked in the field, who could not work in the field, who learned the rules in a school out of a book. They treated me as a criminal, working on my own, as if the only reason I could be in the business is to defraud people. Such a regime draws petty tyrant types, who facilitate consolidation and monopoly.

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>working from the inside

Moldbug made essentially the same argument in Unqualified Reservations a while back: subverting the system from the inside is ineffective at best, and one is completely coopted at worst. Can't find the exact post, though

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I don't mind managers if they manage properly. In my time in teaching I saw the bureaucracy change from a supportive adjunct to the classroom teacher, to a technocratic, authoritarian system of policing. Same happened with the union.

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When the strange AI kid comes to you remember there’s only one right answer:

Blow that shit to kingdom come.

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Nature is savage and cruel, but its an improvement over this -

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Carl Friedrich Goerdeler



Von Stauffenberg

By the time the latter had convinced the former it was too late. I know how they felt.

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On the counter managerial revolution; The current system of Managerial Liberalism does not allow men, it does allow monsters.

Do adapt accordingly.

God Bless America and our Labors on this day!

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You’re conflating the present and the 20th century with the previous America and time , perhaps unintentionally.

Everything you see now is not how it always was, and this can pass - if we do our duty.

Nothing makes this automatically go away, look at China. They have 2500 years of Mandarin management Hive Life.

Our sworn duty is not NAP.

There has NOT always been a Managerial Class, there’s been plenty of free markets, there’s also usually under any government laws and regulation.

NAP protects nothing, it’s inhuman and a suicide pact.

We protect, or the Predators Prey.

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