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Great article. I think this story also serves as a much needed lesson on political warfare that many people need to learn. Because of politeness, or the appearance of it, many people prefer to avoid a direct confrontation or a discussion. This has led to this kind of people being able to cry bully their way to power as nobody that saw through their bullshit and idiocy would call them out and actually argue with them out of fear of sounding impolite. They do not have such qualms.

The bowling alone that Putnam alluded to was more than a recusal from civic participation, it was also a refusal to vehemently confront completely stupid ideas out of fear of being designated as a prejudiced person and of confronting that kind of attack directly, as it should be. Slowly, post modernists/critical theorists clawed their way into positions of power, which they wield to do the exact opposite.

This is something which I believe seems lost after we started taking modern freedoms for granted: free speech only works in an environment where shaming and impoliteness towards imbecilic thought is practiced. When people start apologizing for telling the truth or cower from calling out moronic ideas in public, the moronic ideas that are tyrannical will prevail.

Kudos for writing about it. We need to start understanding that this is not something you can hide under a rock from and wait until it goes away, for cowardice is contagious and so is courageousness. Congratulations on your courage.

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“There are those who serve God-Family-Republic and those who serve the crown. Know the difference and choose your friends wisely. I do not serve the crown.”

This quote is a perfect intro to your essay. You captured the issue perfectly. Thank you.

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Looking at Jess’ profile I’m not surprised to find out she’s anti-White, anti-gun, and anti-Christian.

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Probably your best.

As to what to do; Analysis , drop all emotion. Analyze as the foreign opponent they have chosen to become.

To begin this is incompetent repression, worse its sporadic, erratic, petty. That’s overall, as well as this case.

Strengths, weaknesses, enemy capabilities not intentions (intentions are express and frankly infinite).

What can they do?

As for their opponents, same.

Above all organization (dangerous, yes) is lacking.

Potential and all other categories are not.

You might want to ask if we’re at war - organized violence with political goals of compelling or exterminating the enemy?

> Exterminating us; That they mean to go far beyond submission should be manifest is there ever enough for them?

They cannot bear us , nor suffer our evil incarnate. Their own Plain speech.

You mentioned carceral government... yes. Normally the best place to build an organization is political prison, when the enemy is so kind as to not kill you (for the moment).

But when the entire continent is an open air and increasingly low or no security prison....🤔what would any self respecting gang do?

The fact we’re here instead of using knock code and samzidat on toilet paper speaks to their incompetence and that perchance their reach... exceeds grasp.

Finally a correction; they are far from having marched through all institutions (schools being their main goal and success, with increasingly bitter students) for their are many involving work, dirt or danger where they do not or dare not go. You see what Dawson does is their chief talent.

Can Maj Cybersecurity configure a firewall? I have, and it’s tangential to my field.

Their skills are words.

Ours deeds.


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Now you are talking - real talk. Stay strong. For what it us worth I have your back.

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This is what I’ve been waiting to read! Beautifully articulated. I took the officer oath and I meant it. Had tears in my eyes because it was meaningful. The fact that all these flag officers ignored it is horrifying to me. McCrystal, Mattis, Mcraven? All legends that sold out. Jess is no better than the LTC Vindmans of the world. Not just worthless but traitors to the nation. Very well done sir. Glad I retired before Covid, although the problem started before then for sure.

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Ah... not Combat Arms.

This might mix well with Mises.

Dark Lord, be with me….hyyyyyahhhhh!!!!”

FORT LIBERTY, NC — While most Chaplains primarily focus on spiritual fitness, Chaplain (Capt) Malcolm Abbadon is turning heads all the way around due to a different kind of fitness. Abbadon, who represents the Church of Satan, recently set a record-breaking score of 666 points on the recently revamped Army Combat Fitness Test.

“Having Malcom on the team, I’d have to say we are truly… uh, blessed?” stammered the visibly uncomfortable Chaplain (Col) Bob Jonas, senior Chaplain for the 18th Airborne Corps and Abbadon’s supervisor. “I mean, Fort Bra…ahem…Fort Liberty was truly in need of a spiritual minister to cater to… well… uh… let’s just say that Chaplain Abbadon is filling a unique need for a storied installation like Fort Liberty, and his physical fitness is a sight to behold.”

Staff Sgt. Anders Jensen, a Norse Pagan who met Abbadon through his Inverted CrossFit group fitness program, is truly inspired by the Satanic practitioner’s ‘unholy’ deadlift. “I may not be down with the sigil of Baphomet, but the church of gains is truly non-denominational.” While scratching his Army-sanctioned beard, he added, “That guy fires me up, if you know what I mean.”

Chaplain Abbadon’s standing power throw came to the attention of Lt. Gen. Chris Donahue, Commanding General of Fort Liberty, when the thrown medicine ball streaked past his corner office window followed by a trail of flames. “After the CG was assured that we weren’t under attack by Chinese medicine-ball drones, he demanded to congratulate the Soldier in person” according to 18th Airborne Corps Chief of Staff Col. John Coggins.

Donahue, recognized as the last Soldier to leave Afghanistan, had nothing but praise for Abbadon. “Chaplain Abbadon is clearly a standout leader and a tremendous asset to the organization. I am still not sure how he managed to score above the 600-point maximum, but then again, I majored in Infantry at West Point, not Math.”

Fort Liberty G1, Lt. Col Tony Karisty, wanted to assure everyone he had tremendous respect for Chaplain Abbadon, but was “pretty sure” the record-breaking score was a glitch in the new Army personnel database system. “I am immensely proud of our Fort Liberty Soldiers and their mental and physical toughness, but that score is just impossible.” However, Karisty admitted that he did not witness Abbadon’s 13-minute plank that appeared to involve levitation, nor did he observe the purple lightning rending the earth during his sprint-drag-carry.

“I was summoned here to serve in the Corps of the great sky dragon,” stated Abbadon while rocking a ‘number of the beast-mode’ tank top at the gym. “I look forward to my continued ministry here amongst the most elite of Uncle Sam’s acolytes.”

Ironic Major is a writer for @DuffelBlog

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In fact- here’s the Duffelblog post. It’s not about money.

Even for me: J.F.C

PTSD Barbie? Ignore her, she’ll eventually light herself on fire in a VA parking lot.”

HOLLYWOOD, Ca. - The Barbie movie is a hit. Fans, and 43-year-old divorced Dads with a very strange, but specific fetish, are rushing to theaters to watch the plastic doll spring to life. But in a movie filled with fan favorites and cameos — President Barbie, Earring Magic Ken, and HIV Positive Barbie — one friend is absent from the reunion.

Where is PTSD Barbie?

Introduced by Mattel as a way to scrub their public image after accidentally training Al-Qaeda suicide bombers with their ‘My First Explosive Vest’ Science Kit, PTSD Barbie never fit into the traditional Barbie mainstream. With only a fraction of Americans even aware that national defense is an issue, PTSD Barbie languished on shelves.

“It’s always Barbie this and Barbie that and Barbie wait outside, but it’s ‘Special pink train for Barbie’ when the trooper’s on the tide,” said Malibu VFW #1369 Commander Kent Brockton. “The nation calls, Barbie cranks up the pink Corvette, and rides to the guns. But when the shooting stops, it’s ‘Go back to the Dream House and be quiet, sweetheart.’ Next thing you know, Barbie’s laid up in her Royal Princess Bedroom, sucking back gallons of Military Special vodka, and watching AR-15 build videos at 3 AM.”

According to Mattel, PTSD Barbie offered a "realistic glimpse into the mind of someone thrust into war, a war she didn't fully grasp. PTSD Barbie has seen things, man. She won't forget." But American consumers seemed to ultimately consider the whole perpetual trauma concept a bummer. In response, Mattel minimized the existence of PTSD Barbie while simultaneously increasing production via a series of inconclusive, largely pointless forays into other marquee toy worlds such as the Marvel Comics Universe. After an errant “Barbie Magic A-10” strike on the “Bluey Ultimate Lights and Sound Playhouse” resulted in the death of Bingo, Chatterbox, and Nana, thousands of PTSD Barbies lay ignored on warehouse shelves.

Partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of See We Care, Mattel released VA Doctor Barbie just two months later, offering a $5 off coupon for a realistic toy gun in every box. VA Doctor Barbie was supposed to be the remedy for PTSD Barbie's occasional outbursts. Promising to "silence" PTSD Barbie’s random screams, VA Doctor Barbie seemed like the perfect solution. However, it turned out to be a rare collectible, only available at a few select locations with a wait time averaging six months and sales subject to multiple last-minute cancelations. Customers were also concerned after reports of VA Doctor Barbie whispering about how badass dying in a parking lot is.

But the biggest issue for PTSD Barbie was public apathy. “I mean, I just kind of forget about her," said Mark Frost, the self-proclaimed “Mr. Barbie”, as he applied a mechanical penis to a pristine “Fight the Power - Black Panther Ken” doll. “Sure, she's a hero, but you know, she's got this whole dramatic vibe going on. Always complaining about IUDs in Iraq? Girl, I do NOT care about Iraqi family planning. I got a yellow ribbon magnet on my car, what more does she want?”

Mattel eventually discontinued PTSD Barbie, citing costs, the importance of the culture war to most Americans as compared to real wars, and "everyone being better" as reasons.

PTSD Barbie wasn't the only military-themed Barbie Mattel removed for "Brand Image". Other Barbie dolls ignored except when unavoidable while panhandling in traffic include,

Burn Pit Barbie, with real diesel-soaked poop you can set on fire and then breathe in deeply!

DUI Ken (Sold initially as Sergeant First Class Ken)

Efficiency Apartment Dwelling Recent Divorcee Twice Passed Over Major Ken

Barracks Bunny Magic Barbie

VetBro Rant Ken (with Quicksand paint Tacoma)

Casualty Notification Officer Barbie

Navy Pride Ken

Captain Barbie, with Sergeant Ken!

The Department of Veterans Affairs stepped up to voice their support for eliminating the dolls, claiming in a press release, "PTSD Barbie was probably just making it up to increase her disability payments anyway."

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In one week you and SCB (Second City Bureaucrat) go into No F--n around mode.


Is it the inane Trump indictments?

The heat?

I’m not on Twitter, am I missing something (I have work to do, no Twitter...)

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I’v been very impressed with everything you’ve posted. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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💬 perversion of language from its natural role in facilitating communication [...] to a cynical tool wielded in the name of carceral power 👌


🗨 The Enlightenment did not do away with the notions of Providence, Heaven, and Grace. Rather, it re-framed these as Progress, Utopia, and Technology respectively.

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The other day, me happened across a radically barebones version of Bill of Rights decuplet. Not without utility mayhaps, this kinda cliffsnote brought to extreme 😊:

1 – Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.

2 – Right to keep and bear arms in order to maintain a well regulated militia.

3 – No quartering of soldiers.

4 – Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.

5 – Right to due process of law, freedom from self-incrimination, double jeopardy.

6 – Rights of accused persons, eg right to a speedy and public trial.

7 – Right of trial by jury in civil cases.

8 – Freedom from excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishments.

9 – Other (not listed) rights of the people.

10 – Powers reserved to the states.


PS Cheatsheet! That's the word that viciously tried to escape me 😂

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Did this wretch Dawson serve in combat? Or Gervais ?

Never mind progressive, the snitching and gossip is pretty antithetical to a warrior. That’s far worse than the politics. Not to mention doxxing.

The fate of the Informer is not a happy one.

Woe unto these wretches if they ever face warriors.

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Thanks for the kind link! Great essay.

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This might be one of your better pieces, my friend. I wonder how she feels about the "We Hear You" article released recently?

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